Bird v Karo-Cann

Sep 7, 2014, 12:53 PM |

Trying to get back to annotating my games. This one is short which makes it easier. White opened with the bird, and my response was the Dutch variation as it is the Dutch defense reversed. Of course, white has the next move not black. 

My opponent made the mistake of making way too many pawn moves. In the meantime I put together a position that looked a lot like the blacks position in the advanced Caro-Kann but without the pesky pawn on e5. That is a pawn triangle centered on d4, but with the light squared bishop outside the pawn chain.

White tried to start an attack while I was way ahead in development, then blundered in a way that let my queen infiltrate with support from my knight on an e4 outpost. It was all over.