Destroying the Bird Again (or don't misplace your rook)

Jul 31, 2015, 8:43 PM |

I had another game against the Bird opening. I used my earlier game ( as my guide. My idea is that the bird is essentailly the Dutch opening with colors revesed, so I focused on doing 2 things that annoy me when playing the Dutch.

I play an early Bg4, then made plans to castle queenside and storm the castled king on the kingside. The game went very similar to my earlier one until move 14. The principle early differences was I developed my dark squared bisphop to Bd3 instead of Bd2, and white traded off that dark squared bishop (making my choice of d3 over d2 irrelevant).

This left me without my dark squared bishop to support my queenside pawn storm, but it left white's rook misplaced on a3. That misplaced rook being key to my successful attack.

Game and annotations are below, analysis is all mine except when I give the computer credit.


I believe my opponent in this game played a better defense, than the previous one but the plan still worked. This adds support to my growing opinion that this is a great way to challenge the bird.