Sharp Karo-Cann

Jul 7, 2014, 6:03 PM |

The Karo-Cann has a reputation for being a very solid opening. But this one got very sharp and tactical. I enjoy sharp tactical games, but they do keep ones ego in check. When there is so much going on it is easy to miss things, and I missed a lot. Many I didn't see until I got the computer analysis back.

Fortunatley for me I mostly missed opportunities by failing to follow up properly. Pay particular attention on move 11. My opponent makes a blunder that opens him up for a combination. Neither my opponent nor I saw it for 4 more moves. I finally see it on move 15, it having been there the whole time. 

Well almost the whole time. Of particular amusement I moved one knight off of c6 and another knight onto it. Only with the second knight there did I see what I could do with a knight there. 

Here is game with my annotations (with a few additions post computer). The computer analysis will be in the first comment to see my mistakes and blunders in all their glory. (2 inaccuracies, 3 mistakes, and 3 blunders in a 25 move game).