Strange French

Sep 27, 2014, 9:06 PM |

This was a very unusual French Defense game. It quickly transposed into a variation of the closed Sicilian. I'm not very familiar with the Sicilian so I wond up leaning heavily on opening databases (it was days per turn aka correspondense chess, so it is allowed) for most of the first 10 moves. 

I'm very curious if any Sicilian player could explain the reasoning behind many of my early pawn and queen moves. I know the Sicilian breaks a lot of opening principles, so it didn't shock me. But I really like to understand the why beyond "it is what theory shows."

On move 10 my opponent made a mistake as we left theory. I was fortunately able to take advantage of it to get a piece up. A blunder on move 23 set up some nice tactics for me even if I didn't get them computer perfect. Analysis below is all mine unless I credit the computer analysis.