Tarrasch: Play cxd4 and other advice

May 21, 2017, 7:33 PM |

I'm trying to improve my pathetic standard rating. I'm going to play more and analyze my games. Here goes.

I just failed at a Tarrasch French. It is the line in the French I know least since I don't see it frequently either in 1200-ish standard play, or even that often in 1700ish correspondence play. So I'm pretty much out of my book knowledge as soon as they play Nd2.

My reply c5 was a correct response, leading to the open Tarrasch. However, things fell apart quickly there after.


What did I learn from this.

1. One of the dis-advantages of white playing Nd2 instead of Nc3 is that they are blocking the queen's protection of the d pawn. This makes playing cxd4 better earlier. It should be the default move after c5.

2. I should be more careful opening up the kingside particularly being watchful for Qh5+

3. If I can use my light squared bishop to keep white from castling that would be cool too.