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How far I've come

Aug 7, 2007, 12:27 AM 1
I've played chess for 17 years, in the last 9 years I improved three-fold. Wierd thing is in the last 9 months I've improved by the same degree. I think nerves were a real issue, even when it wasn't an important game the fear of losing caused me to shake - really. Listening to dance music on the ICC helps there but I wouldn't be able to do that otb, would I? Plus all the technical and positional knowledge makes more appropriate sense now. It seems to be manageable now. If I didn't keep dropping pawns from shoddy tactical thinking I think I could fly further again. At least I keep improving, should be grateful. So my goal: think positionally, check tactics *sigh*, if I still have two good lines play the one that leads to the best engame.

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