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The Third installation..

The Third installation..

Sep 4, 2007, 4:15 PM 1

After about a week....

 Well.. of my three starting games, I lost two to a time out, and won the other..to a time out.Frown The two I lost.. meh, kinda pis*ed off as I was enjoying both, but had to go to work over the weekend, and didn't realise there was a 'pause games' feature... of course, access to the internet would have been better, but my work won't alllow that. Anyway, with that experience under my belt, and now factoring in the unpredicability of my work schedule, I have decided to make all games at least in the '10 days to move' bracket.. if I time out then, then I deserve to lose.

Apart from getting beaten, I have been hanging around the forums a bit.. trying to 'slide in' to the groups that seem to hang around there.. (basically commenting in the off topic, and reading the chess stuff Embarassed)

Still enjoying it though, and still trying to get my mates to come online.. they are a bit shy though, and my God, isn't the 'chess player stereotype' predominant in peoples heads?!

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