First post

Jul 26, 2012, 6:14 PM |


Hi, all, I have been here for a while and am enjoying the site most of the time. I play chess for 15 years already, but didn't improve much in last 12 years. I asked myself recently,Why is that?

Well the answer is pretty simple: There was no serious studiing on my part, almost never! Yes, I did spend time playing, and sometimes reading a book or playing through the games,but in all these 15 years, there was never any consistency in learning. That might change in the future, maybe even with this blog. I have decided to share some of my games or parts of it with members and maybe that way spend more time analysing my play. Because, it is one thing to go through the game, just for the sake of it and completely different thing to publish something and submit it to the critique of the audience.

The games chosen are almost always blitz games unless stated otherwise. Also, at the moment I don't have any chess engine so my analisis is strictly from my head, so don't beleive it 100%,and you are welcome to argue it (with me, or amongst yourselves,:)).

Also, at least for now there will be more combinations involved in posts I guess, just to share it and who knows maybe refute some of them,:). I hope someone will also find an interesting idea in some of those 'blitz' games combinations, so it might be a learning tool as well (although , I strongly reccomend a tactics book for practicing combinational play, since grandmasters, know more than me,:)).

Ok,  for starters one simple one against much stronger oponnent. In fact, I didn't even manage to win that postion afterwards, which testifies of my opponent strength and my lack of positional skills,:).