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Crusher Vienna

Crusher Vienna

Apr 19, 2014, 8:27 PM 3

I seriously think the Vienna Game is very underestimated.The best part about it can be a King's Gambit if wanted to(i don't play king's gambit simply because  there is too much risk or i can't seem to think the lines are good or simply because it destroy's kingside pawn structure and makes it easier to attack the king).Anyway,about the Vienna.The Vienna is a bit unconpicous because nobody needs sees it doing much.The strategy for most agressive Vienna's revolves on the f pawn for pushing to undermine the position.Otherwise it's pressure for a d4 buildup or it's simply a Giucco Piano.I don't have high risk tolerance most of the time so i don't play early Vienna gambit's with a early f4.The position i play bears resemblence to the English opening without  c4 or normally a knight on f3 because i played the English long enough to have great experience with fianchettoed bishops and fianchettoing one is good most of the time but fianchettoing two is not the best idea.Anyway here is the wrong way to play against the Vienna setup i use and what i usually want to acheive and after that a game on horrible player at my tournament today.

This is one of the most beautiful attack i ever made.Enjoy.

And last game a queen trap finishes him off.


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