The English For Begginers Part 2

Jul 11, 2013, 7:18 PM |

Hello!Today i'm going to continue my series on the english opening.In part 1I discussed about piece placement and varations.Today i'm going to teach how to deal with black's responses so be prepared to see lots of diagrams.


This the most commoun and proabaly best response to english opening.The downside of this is that it gives white too much flexibility where can choos from a lot of plans and varations.For Example


You can use almost any varation you want.I reccomend the bottinvik setup.As this is a begginers  guide i do not want to get too advanced and also because i am an avid chessplayer who doesn't want to give away all his opening secrets.

2.Nf6 almost the same as e5.


I recommend this if your are playing against the english but with precise play white can get a comfortable QPO type of opening.

4.C5 at this point all white has to to do is fight for d4 and he'll get a good marcozy bind game.

5.Reversed Grand prix.The last of the serious moves it seems scary but e3 will do the trick.
6.D5 The last of the tricky responses but it seems like that with best play it's easy to beat.