Just found out about this!

Aug 20, 2010, 6:56 PM |

Okay, so I just found out about this section of my chess.com account, and I'm really interested about using.  Tracking my mood, my experience, my progress, etc.  Hopefully it'll be a journal of sorts, that will be honest if nothing else.

So the last few days have been frustrating.  I've lost some games that I felt I was doing ok, but some sharp tactics against me lost the game.  I know, I know, everyone since I've come to this website keep telling me tactics, but it hasn't been going my way!  I've been working really hard on chesstactics.com (sorry chess.com but they're free and I'm poor!)

So anyway two games played between me and porter, one win, one loss.

Anyway, so I recently had a post regarding my embarassing loss with an early Queen move from @beporter