Draw is (not) an Option!

Draw is (not) an Option!

Jun 4, 2012, 8:53 AM |
Sometimes happen when we did a blunder and we couldn't win anymore, especially in a tournament, and  we didn't want to have a resign. In chess, we still can have a forced draw even it's hard to do. 

What we do to having a draw? Forced Stalemate and Perpetual Check. Both of them are promising draw, make your opponent mock you, and keep you cool. 

Here are the example of forced stalemate :

You can try another puzzle in here.

Here is the example of perpetual check :

Draw can also be given in agreement, but this will not be happen when your enemy have a better condition. You should have a (almost) same condition. You can check IM Darwin Yang's blog here to see great play where end with draw by agreement.

When you in better condition, don't try to let your enemy having a draw. You are the one who will upset. Almost likely, that happen because of Queen. You should be carefull with your queen.

This is the example where queen can giving stalemate :

You can also check BorgQueen's blog here where he let his opponent gain a draw.

Thanks for reading!