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Ruy Lopez, Marshall: Steiner Attack I

Ruy Lopez, Marshall: Steiner Attack I

Sep 7, 2017, 3:10 PM 2

The Steiner Attack, 9. e4 in the Marshall Variation of the Ruy Lopez is one of my 'surprise weapons.' I score decently with it, winning around 56% of my games to date with black vs. 38% losses. This wild gambit eschews the bookish theoretical positions that can arise after 9. Nxd5, and usually leads to very sharp play where white will have a hard time getting his queenside fully developed in time to deal with black's assault. White's best chance is often to play the d4 thrust as soon as possible, even if it means sacrificing a pawn on g2. On the other hand, black must play very accurately- one inferior move is all it takes for him to be busted in many lines. Below I have annotated a game I played recently that illustrates some of the main themes.


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