Chess 960 diagram issues

May 7, 2012, 8:04 PM |

LATE BREAKING NEWS[6-18-2012-that's when I found out anyway.]:  FEN function is working!!!  Issue 1. below has been fixed by  Thank You, Technical Team!


Having trouble inserting a chess diagram into your chess 960 comment?  Hopefully the best work around will be found here.  (If you have never inserted a diagram on before, then see

Issue 1.[This bug has been fixed!!!]  To insert a diagram into your comment you must start with a PGN rather than an FEN.  This is perhaps the main bug in 960 chess diagrams.  No doubt will fix this sometime, hopefully soon.

A PGN for our current 960 game ("Let's Vote 960") is


[Variant "Chess960"]
[Setup "1"]
[FEN "bqrbkr1n/p2ppppp/1p3n2/2p5/1PP5/5N2/P2PPPPP/BQRBKR1N w FCfc - 1 4"]
[Result "*"]



Just copy and paste what is between the dotted lines.

The following resulted from the above PGN - well..., before I clicked the insert button I changed the color, flipped the board to black's perspective, and added the move Ng6.

If you toggle the diagram's PGN button and look closely at the last few characters you will see that the move Ng6 has been added to the PGN.

For your info:  PGN and FEN are text (ascii characters) and consequently PGN and FEN files are text files and can be edited using a text editor.