Opening Bomb Diary #6 A New Dragon???

Opening Bomb Diary #6 A New Dragon???

NM Anhao
Jun 27, 2017, 1:59 PM |

 A couple weeks ago I was refreshing some lines in the Dragon (something us Dragon players need to constantly do to survive, unfortunately happy.png), when I stumbled upon something brand new...


The Dragon is very popular among all levels, and particularly I think it's underestimated as a very good opening, even at the very top. Of course, it's also extremely risky and based solely on memory in some lines. I've always liked battling in the main lines, and have recently added the Chinese Dragon to my repertoire after discovering some critical novelties (more on that later!), but maybe I'm going to add a new dragon to my repertoire too happy.png





It was very surprising to me that this thing worked (so far), as the Dragon gives me an impression that it is mostly mapped out, and new ideas are scarce, and any that are thought up are quickly checkmated outright. This idea may very well go in that pile too, but so far it's holding up. Personally I might just stick to the other lines, but every now and again I might even wheel this new line out for a test drive (or flight happy.png).


Definitely feel to test it / let me know your thoughts!