Opening Bomb Diary #1

Opening Bomb Diary #1

NM Anhao
Apr 16, 2017, 3:53 PM |

Hi everyone,

I'm a National Master from Massachusetts, now with much more free time. I wanted to start a blog about opening theory, one of the things I really love about chess. I think some of my ideas and novelties I've found are decent (If only I was as good of a player), and at the very least interesting., and I wanted to start sharing them! Some of them will no doubt be complete garbage, some will be half decent, and hopefully some will be worth your time. Please enjoy!

It might be slightly detrimental to publish some of my ideas, but the way I see it, I'm graduating high school / was really never good enough for players to prepare seriously for, and most importantly I think one of the greatest joys of chess is to talk about new ideas. 


This idea I found a couple months ago, occurring in one line of the English for black. It's absolutely bizarre:


That's it for this one. I plan to post whenever I feel like it, so I hope you stick around for the next one!