Opening Bomb Diary #3 The Refutation of the Chigorin?

Opening Bomb Diary #3 The Refutation of the Chigorin?

NM Anhao
Apr 18, 2017, 10:48 AM |

The Chigorin Defense was actually one of the first openings I started looking at to try and find some sort of surprise weapon to add to my repertoire. It is tremendously fun to play, and can force an unsuspecting opponent into the weirdest of positions, many times with a black queen radiating in 8 directions across on the board from the square d5. 

In recent years, two of my favorite creative players, Morozevich and Rapport, have brought the Chigorin back into the limelight. Rapport especially won a very convincing game against Aronian a couple months back, who is known to have one of the most dangerous white repertoires today.


This article, however, will deal with a nasty idea I've had stored for some time now against the Chigorin. I have only won with it, and have won only quick games. I haven't found anything convincing for black that looks like total equality, and in addition white holds the initiative in all lines, making it a fun and very venomous try for black players to deal with. I don't dare call it a refutation, as modern chess "truth" has proven way too elusive, but I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on it! So, 1. d4 players enjoy, Chigorin players beware!






I'm not sure what Rapport has in mind against this idea, as I think I've done a pretty comprehensive sweep of any attempts for black. The general verdict seems to be that a well-prepared white player will either have a quick win or a very pleasant endgame. I'm interested to see any further tests of this idea in the future. Feel free to use it in your games and to let me know your thoughts!


EDIT: Just took a new look today and have updated my notes, the main line now firmly ending with white advantage.