Opening Bomb Diary #5 The Samisch Strikes Again

Opening Bomb Diary #5 The Samisch Strikes Again

NM Anhao
May 24, 2017, 2:20 PM |

A few years ago I followed the 2013 Candidates Tournament, more specifically the game Svidler vs. Grischuk, where one of my favorite novelties ever played was unveiled:


It's interesting how theory develops. Hours after the novelty was played, Kasparov posted saying that he and Nakamura had found the move years earlier, but had not looked as deep as Grischuk and concluded that white was better (Which, as we'll see, is probably the case happy.png).  For months Samisch enthusiasts, including myself, were terrified. Black now had an extremely dangerous and beautiful bombshell to use, and indeed, for months the line fell dead for white.


Come to present day, and things are changing. Correspondence players have waged war in this very line, with most games ending in draws, albeit with countless new tries found for white. Some brave souls have even taken the lines to OTB games, and some have succeeded.


The purpose of this post, however, will deal with, in my opinion, a completely overlooked and extremely dangerous new move for white against the black setup, one that seems to firmly plant him on the back foot.  I believe that after this move catches fire, which it is already starting to, this line with h5 just might fade for black. This new line is in fact one of the main reasons I've remained loyal to the Samisch. So, let's get into it!



I hope you enjoyed the new line. I think it definitely could come into fashion as it poses drastic problems for black. I'm not going to make any conclusions yet, as this line appears to be one of the most volatile in all of opening theory, but I look forward to seeing future developments.