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Chess for Less than Less

Chess for Less than Less

May 16, 2017, 11:08 AM 7

Chess for less than less is not just an idea, but a dream of mine.

In my country chess is growing, but not without problems joining the growth. Corruption being one of the biggest. There are plenty of corporations and companies that would love to support chess more. But due to corruption and money just dissapearing or not being used for what it should be, we never really seem to get going. You have big initiatives like the "Kasparov Chess Foundation" etc. They come into a big underdeveloped country like South Africa and promise the world and partner up with local people and somehow you just do not see any real changes. So what do we do? I for one realize that the only way you get something done is if you do it yourself.


I would love to hear your ideas on how I as one person can start in a small town and use chess to ignite the community as a whole. Hopefully we can start here and grow from it.



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