Sarcasm In

Nov 27, 2014, 10:09 PM |

What is the worst experience you had in

Sarcasm. I had one of those.
Yes, the feeling when you play with someone who doesn't nice at all. start to insult when the're in a losing position. I can't believe i had a lot lately. 

well, already improved a lot. they have done well in marketing and gather more member in this years. unfortunatelly some of them just spoiling this wonderful web! adding more quantity doesn't mean it also improve quality.

I hope take whatever necessary action to get rid them off. It's sucks when my wonderful time in this web wasted by those people who doesn't have a good manners.

I hate it.. Yell doh!

for whoever read this post, you can share your bad experience with sarcasm in here. let me know that im not alone. thanks bud!