Better minor piece in the endgame

Jun 2, 2008, 6:20 AM |

A few months ago I had a post where I gave an example of a knight that was better than a bishop in the middle game, in this post I'll give an example of a knight that is better than a bishop in an endgame. I find these interesting since more often than not bishops perform better than knights, especially in endgames. But you can't just put on autopilot because you have a bishop against a knight, the knight still has a lot of punch!


In this game, my opponent created a few weaknesses for himself unnecessarily and my knight was able to take advantage of them. The first mistake that black makes is putting pawns on the same color of the bishop. Later black allows weak pawns to be created in his position. After that, everything crumbles. Let's have a look:


This endgame highlights some things that you should always keep in mind for an endgame, piece activity, weak pawns, and king position. White was able to find active square for the knight, e2 (prevening the pawn pushes d4 and f4) and d4 (where it threatens to attack black's pawns). White used the king to make sure that the black king didn't get into the white position at e4 and then as an offensive weapon to attack the weak black pawn at d5 and the queenside pawns.