Exchange Sac


Pretty much all chess players learn early on that rooks are more valuable than minor pieces (knights and bishops). Winning a rook for a minor piece is called winning "the exchange". We learn how to use our knights to fork and we grow to believe that winning a game up an exchange is the proper order of things in the chess universe.


At some point we learn that strong players will sometimes sacrifice a rook for a minor piece - sacrificng the exchange. Sometimes there are immediate consequences and the exchange sac is not so difficult to understand, but often the sac is for a long term positional advantage that is much more mysterious.


While I don't fully comprehend the exchange sac, I was lucky enough to get to play one successfully in a game here on Though there are mistakes in the early part of the game, it is largely left unannotated until we get to the sacrifice. 


Here is the mate in 5 puzzle: