Tactical adventures with 1.d4

Jun 5, 2008, 5:48 AM |

I often see the opinion that 1. e4 is for tactical games and 1. d4 is for slower positional games. It may happen this way more often than not, but to think the choice of the first move completely determines the nature of the game is somewhat naive. There are plenty of ways to get into a knock-down drag-out tactical boxing match that starts with 1. d4.


Don't believe me? Well, of course I have examples from my own games.  


So even the Benoni can wind up in a tactical attacking position. White's opening of the position was probably premature since  the c1 bishop was undeveloped. This could have been punished by 19. ... Bh4!, but black missed the opportunity.


The second example is even wilder and I think less precise on my part. I sacrifice some material for attacking chances. I think there is probably refutations along the way, but I'll let the reader look for them on their own.


So if anyone ever tells you that 1. d4 is slow and positional, just chuckle to yourself knowing that it doesn't have to be.