Breakkin'  Tackle

Breakkin' Tackle

Aug 10, 2010, 10:33 AM |

What other way can you answer? But what question? The two of these. It can go way beyond all reasonable doubt. Rational and irrational thoughts, all interlinked by the very movement to determine victory. It is that time where breaking or being broke will be measured against will. Determination and power extracted from the core of a being to be pushed against that of an outside force. Believe in the force as a door? As a complication? As a duplication? Whichever of these really take a greater toll on the end result will determine the result?

Now a door can swing in either direction or remain closed. A key can be needed to unlock it. It can be open. Cracked just a bit, maybe a slight turn of the knob will reveal the "behind". Where is the force going to begin?

Too many complications can result in massive confusion. No philosophical just the common sense that many understand. Where does the solution derive from. WIll it be dug out of a deep trench of already contemplated wisdom?

How will it be duplicated? One of the vast sought out topics of all time. Multiple components are needed in order to even come similar to the original. Will lightning strike in the same place is really one analogy.

The movement of the host, creates the force to avoid the tackle. Breaking it and holding all strength together. All the little jooks and cuts through the air that keeps all things shaped, measure higher than the confusion that will bring the loss into perspective.