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Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid

Jul 22, 2010, 7:02 PM 0

"Today look at the paradise which awaits you, beloved children, if you want to walk in the light of joy and of hope. On this day the whole heavenly cohort of angels and saints, especially of your brothers who have preceded you here and who await you, forms a great crown of glory about the glorious body of your heavenly Mother, assumed into heaven.

From my motherly and Immaculate Heart, I cause an extraordinary rain of graces to come down upon each one of you, to encourage you, to console you and to help you walk along the road which I have traced out for you.

Never before as today has tthe world in which you live become such a desert which produces poisonous and rotten fruit.  Never before as today has my Advesary attempted in every way to obstruct you, to seduce you, and to strike you. Never before as today has satan, exercising the gret power which has been conceded to him, done everything to ruin my project and to destroy my work of love, which myself am carrying out in these last times of yours.

For this, the Adversary is tormenting you in every way, is placing snares upon your path, is sowing misunderstandings and divisions to bring you to discouragementt and is seducing you with temptations of all kinds, in order to intimidate you and cause you to halt. This is the time when his attacks against my Movement are becoming strong and continous and when above all he is seeking to sow confusion and division among those whom I have chosen as directors in this work of mine.

Do Not be Afraid! I am covering you with my Immaculate mantle protecting you. I am always at your side, and I am leading you along the way which I have traced out for you, but then I personally intervene in order to help you conquer them and to overcome them.

With my glorious body I often make myself preset to giveyou signs of my motherly assistacnce. For this reason I am still appearing in a continuous daily, and extraordinary manner. Even now the light of my motherly presence is uniting the heavenly world to the earthly one, in a perennial communion of love and of prayer, in the terrible moments which are awaiting you in this concluding period of the great purification."

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