Lord Neezy & Friends (Episode 01)

Lord Neezy & Friends (Episode 01)

NM Lord_Neezy
Jul 5, 2017, 10:39 AM |

Lord_Neezy & Friends (Episode 1)

In the grassy hills of North America exists a vast land known as Iowa. The resources are of extraordinary value in these areas and one may find himself in a constant state of conflict if he is in possession of such value. So here we arrive at one of the great Kingdoms of these lands, the Thunder Kings. Their current king is the one and only Lord_Neezy. Battle after battle his kingdom has spread their control over these grassy lands but now Lord_Neezy is realizing a new but expected problem. The desire for power drives people to do incredible things and so we begin with the battle between Lord_Neezy and Mr. Cooling.

Royal Messenger: My Lord! I have brought you the most unpleasant news...
(Heavy panting, likely the result intense dash to Lord_Neezy's chambers)

Lord_Neezy: You know our rule! You must bring pleasant news before you disturb me with the foul! (Grumbling)
Royal Messenger: Yes! My Lord! Of course! Your suggestion of pudding with lunch has taken the kingdom by storm! One can expect the treasury to rise 5% by month's end.

With a smile, Lord_Neezy then braces himself for the unpleasant.

Royal Messenger: Mr. Cooling is in the midst of an uprising...

Lord_Neezy: What! How Dare He! I have given him so much...

Royal Messenger: Yes, My Lord, most ungrateful. What are your orders for the matter?

Lord_Neezy: Hmm... Send a troop of my finest men to quell this 'uprising'. Once the situation is taken care of have Mr. Cooling brought to my chambers.



The battle was swift, Lord_Neezy's troop had overwhelmed that of CoolingChess. In tattered clothing and clearly shaken, Mr. Cooling enters the chambers of Lord_Neezy for recompense.

Lord_Neezy: I admire the effort but you are not ready. There is still a lot more work to be done before you are able to challenge my power. I will allow you to keep what has been given but I will not hear of any of your disturbances.

Mr. Cooling: Yes...

Lord_Neezy: Yes, what?!

Mr. Cooling: Yes, His Greatness. (With a clear air of contempt)