Finished 3rd in my first tournament

Finished 3rd in my first tournament

Mar 29, 2016, 1:33 PM |

My first chess tournament ever!

I signed up for a thematic tournament (alekhine) under 1200 rated my first day on! I had never played a tournament before and was really excited   It was 126 people in the tourney!


It was 6 players in the group and 10 games! I felt good control and won my first 8 games  Then i saw that if i got 9 points i will move on to next round so i was a coward and ask my last opponent for two draws and he accept! I am not proud of that decision, Dont ask for stupid draws! Later the guy who gave me the draw got his account closed (dont know why) I was through and it took forever before next round started!

2. Round

In the long time between the rounds my rating had improved and was 1316! I was favourite to move on to last round  Again i got 8 comfotable wins but this time i did not ask the last guy for draws!  I played the games and lost the first one It was a shock for me! The other guy had 9 points and i had to beat him... and i did it! Here is the two games against him:

3.Round (last round)
The last round and my rating had again blown to the air and was 1421! I was the biggest favourite and didnt handle the pressure I was sure too win and had too much confident! I blundered two games quickly and was down on earth again  It was 5 players and 8 games in last round so 2 lost was too much! I started to think deeper and won 5 games and 1 draw games and finished 3rd! With 5,5 point, just a 0,5 points behind the two winners on 6 points! It was so dissapointning but then i realised that when i start i was happy just make round 1! My chess had improved a lot over 200 rating points! Yes i failed under pressure but i was number 3 out of 126 A victory for me! The big lost in the final round: