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My BIGGEST win ever!

My BIGGEST win ever!

Jul 1, 2016, 3:32 AM 9

I am playing in a quite big tournament with 4 players in each group! In round 1 one of my opponents was "tranrovers" rated 2120 and i lost both games but i beated the two other guys and moved through together with him!

In round two we is again in the same group but this time i beated him in the first match! Me rated 1560 ish beated a 2100 grin.png AMAZING! My only thought before the game was i need an attack to get draw on repetition! I was not thinking on winning but i was planning to go attacking! The key word is ATTACK! So here is the game:



I have used many hours looking at NM Aww-Rat analyzing members game and over 100 times have i heard this phrase: "He is losing because he plays too fast, he has 3 days but only use 3 mins per moves, he only has himself to blame for losing" My opponent in this match was just blitzing out moves and falled in a trap! In this game i think he used 30 min and i used 5 hours and thats why i won in my opininon! In daily chess you must your time to play quality chess if not you can play blitz in live server! 

Thanks for reading grin.png



Link to the game: https://www.chess.com/daily/game/138216666

Link to the tournament: https://www.chess.com/tournament/justice-for-the-96-hillsborough-tribute-tournament  



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