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Jul 16, 2013, 8:24 PM |

An update from Agape:

Greetings in the name of our Savior, Jesus! Happy 4th of July to 

all of you! We pray that all of you are enjoying the warm US 

summer weather. Just remember, we have this same weather 

year round here in Kenya. Actually, it’s probably a little cooler in 

Kisumu right now than the US, so please come and visit!

Agape’s campus was a beehive of activity throughout the month of 

June. In addition to rescuing 27 new boys off of Kisumu’s streets, 

we had a number of our old runaways return to Agape who had 

been missing for a number of months. So, what do we do with all 

of these boys when they arrive? New boys go through Agape’s 

three-week transition program, classes teaching basic life skills 

and Bible training. In the past we would place our “old boys” who 

had previously run away in the same class. However, over time 

we found that boys who had previously been in this class did not 

do as well the second time around. As such, we developed a new 

program on campus that we have dubbed the “Returnee Class”. 

We have done this in order to keep these boys busy while we 

continue counseling with them and deciding their next steps. 

Throughout June we’ve had as many as 10 boys in the class doing 

Bible studies, remedial educational work, and chores around the 

campus. Thus far, the program has been a big success; we praise 

the Lord for the work that he is doing in these boys’ hearts! Please 

pray for these new and old boys as Agape shares the Gospel with 

them and counsels them through our rehabilitation processes. 

So, where does a boy go if he runs away from Agape? Most go 

back to living on the street, but in some cases the boys “hop” to 

another organization. Knowledge is power with street boys, and in 

late May, I invited all of the street children organizations to Agape 

for a meeting. Our goal was to facilitate the sharing of information 

between organizations. If one organization has been working with 

a boy for significant period of time, we all agreed that it made no 

sense for one of our sister organizations to start from scratch and 

begin working with the boy. Each of the five street children 

organizations agreed with the approach, and beginning in early 

June, each organization began sharing a list of rescued boys from 

the previous week. With this new practice, we are able to identify 

if one of our “old boys” has shown up at another organization. If 

so, we then simply go to the organization and pick-up our boy. 

Thus far, this new cooperation between organizations is going very 

well; please pray that this continues!

Full House in Transition Class 

We praise the Lord for the work that 

he is doing in these boys hearts!

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