December 2015 Goals

December 2015 Goals

Dec 2, 2015, 2:13 PM |

December 2015 Goals

I have tried this in the past but it has only last a month or so, but now that I’m completed with (most likely) all of my college courses, I will have more time to dedicate to both chess, and this chess blog.


Come February 5th, I will be turning the big 30, that’s right, good bye to my 20’s, and hello to a new decade in my life. All that being the case, my wife and I spoke about things I want to do in my 30’s, and one was to take chess a little more seriously just to see how good I can become. I almost feel like this next 10 or so years is potentially going to be my ‘peak’ in this beautiful game, and I really do believe that there would be a great sense of accomplishment if by this time in 10 years, I looked back and knew that I gave it my all.


So, here it goes. I may be starting a few months in advance, but whatever the case, here are my current ratings on


Live Bullet – Rating 953 (Record: 19-20-0)

Live Blitz– Rating 1038 (Record 115-90-5)

Live Standard – Rating 1251 (Record 5-8-0)


Chess 960 – Rating 1020 (Record 0-2-0)


Daily Chess - 1309 (Record 550-671-32)


Tactics – 1252

Lessons – 1551


Now, I’m a fan of ‘odd’ numbers, so my goals for this month, to really finish off 2015 strong and start off the New Year with some momentum, will be 9 separate achievements which I hope to meet come the New Year.


1.       Reach 100 Live Bullet games. (Currently: 39)

2.       Reach 250 Live Blitz games. (Currently: 210)

3.       Reach 50 Live Standard games. (Currently: 13)

4.       Play 10 Live Chess 960 games. (Currently: 2)

5.       Reach 50 Hours of Tactics Trainer. (Currently: 35.4 hours)

6.       Complete 100 Chess Mentor Lessons. (Currently: 35)

7.       Finish reading, “Studying Chess Made Easy”

8.       Review 3 Famous Chess Games

9.       Get my Daily Chess rating up to 1400 (Currently 1309)


I will be writing weekly updates on my progress, so make sure to be looking out for those on every Monday.