July 2017 Review

July 2017 Review

Jul 31, 2017, 4:48 AM |

Overall, I would have to say that this month has been a success. I have spent more time than in the past reviewing lost games, and figuring out where exactly it was that I would fall behind in pieces or position. I also spent a great deal of time working on Tactics Trainer and participating in this month's Free Prodigy Program.

After my most recent hiatus from chess. I started off this month with the rating in black, whereas the colors are where I stand today.

Daily Chess: 1281 -> 1335
Tactics Trainer: 1338 -> 1525
Blitz Live:
1167-> 1114
1575 -> 1688

So, before I go over where I currently stand now, I will dive into a bit into what I've done to improve these 4 aspects of my Chess.com Stats.

Daily Chess - The goal for me in this is to really focus on each game, and take a minute and use each new situation as if it was a tactics trainer puzzle. I have also entered a lot of tournament that are OPEN in terms of ratings, as I figured if I'm going to see some true improvement, I am going to need to play a lot more people better than I, and study the games.

Tactics Trainer - I don't care if it takes me 10 minutes, I am working on studying every position presented, and trying to figure out why. When I miss one, I try again, and again, until I can figure it out. If I figure it out but can't grasp why, I reach out to friends as to what exactly about the move order makes this the most advantageous route.

Blitz - I have been participating in all the USCF 10|0 Tournaments being played on Monday evening. I do about 30 minutes or so of tactics trainer before the tournament, and then play. So far, I have finished much higher above my rating, however, some of this is skewed due to the amount of people who exit the tournament after suffering an early defeat.

Lesson - Not much to say about this. Lessons thus far are simple. My plan is continuing with the lessons and hope that one day I will have successfully completed them all.

So, now it’s time to reflect on where I’m at, what my August goals are, where I am in terms of being on track with my 2017 goals, and with my ultimate chess goals.

August 2017 Goals

  1. Daily Chess – 1450
  2. Tactics Trainer
    1. 1550
    2. 20 Hours (Currently I’m at 10.5)
  3. Blitz – 1400
  4. Lessons
    1. 1650
    2. Complete Study Plan Section
    3. Complete Strategy Section
  5. Read Studying Chess Made Easy by Andrew Soltis

    6. Complete August Prodigy Program for 1500+


So, there is where I currently stand. I was on a great roll earlier in the month, but I had a lot of tennis obligations to took up time, and my wife and I had to put down our sick cat yesterday, and he had been an integral part of our lives for 9 years. So as I move on into August, I will continue to spend time on chess, as well as keeping a full-time job, and spending time with my family. A fun fact is that Ben Finegold is opening up a chess center right down the road from me, and when I reached out to him and told him that I'd be willing to help out in any way, we found out that we are actually neighbors. It truly is a very small world.