Unless Code is being manipulated, There is no such thing as Cheating on Chess.com

Jan 13, 2016, 11:56 AM |

I Congratulate Chess.com for this wonderful platform upon which to play games.  Nonetheless, I have noticed many comments from  individuals claiming to have been cheated and accusing other players of cheating.  It should be noted that the Comments to which I am referring have mostly to do with 1 Minute Lightening Games which are the games I almost always play.  


Having used Chess.com for more than 5 years,  my determination is that the platform is impeccable!  It's adherence to the Rules of Chess- unswerving!  If there ever was a perfect chess platform- This is it!  Additionally, the ability to execute premoves actually has the potential to help individuals to improve their game- technique, response time, and prediction based upon analysis of their opponent's technique and play.  Without a doubt the Premove makes Lightening extremely enjoyable!


I encourage everyone who has not done so to visit their 'Settings' link beneath the Chat Window, then the 'Play' tab, and make sure the box next to Make pre-moves before your opponent's reply  is checked.  Then YOU too will have the ability to 'Cheat.'  If the playing field is level is it really 'Cheating?'  

However, Lets leave the rest up to Chess.com to make sure there is no genuine cheating by code manipulation or hacking attacks.

What are your thoughts?