Daily puzzles #30.

GM LuckyTiger
Nov 18, 2011, 8:09 AM |

Hello, dear friends!

I'm sorry for not posting puzzles every day. Just tough days are around. As well, from Sunday I play in the GM round robin tournament here in Kharkiv. Event is gonna be quite interesting and I will try to keep you informed about the most interesting things there.

For now, let me show a solution of the last puzzle. Some of you have found a critical idea of knight's sacrifice. Otherwise, white can't get any progress not allowing f4-f3 with exchange of the last pawn.


Please, look at the next puzzle; again knight fights against pawns. White wins! Here you should find quite a long line. So, don't rush up with your comments - be certain you are on the right way!  

Solution is finally published here: http://blog.chess.com/view/daily-puzzles-31