Find a move.

In the recent rapid tournament I could not find an interesting idea. Wondering, how many members of can find it.


White to move. (it's not a win, just an unusual idea, which gives White clearly better position and that we both missed).


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    NM Petrosianic

    a4, idea a5, ra7; otherwise be6, rc8

    a4 rf7 a5 fails i think xB xb6 xc6 Rxa7 RxR px Bb7 Ra1 Ba8

    so a4 Rf7 Bd8!? Bxh3 Bxf6 (or maybe c7... but then retreat the bishop and idk why give up a pawn) something recaptures on f6 or on retreat the bishop looks good for white.

    so a4 Be6 a5 (or Nd4 Bd5) Rc8... i think black is okay here, c6 is falling.

    so Rd1 or Bd6.  so Rad1 Be6 Nd4 xa2 maybe idk...

    Bd6 Rd8 Bb8 looks interesting and rather good bc allowing c7 and Bb8 is bad so not Rd8.  so Bd6 Re8 then a4... probably good for white.  that's likely it.  curious what was played in the game.

    PS: Cry  Recently, somehow I felt inspired to play a Blumenfeld Gambit in an overly aggressive fashion in a 20 K tournament against the best computer chess team in the world.  They played a line I expected although you did not mention it in your book.  Anyway, I wonder where that inspiration came from. Wink  

    Nevertheless, it was a learning experience for me!  Some positions objectively you cannot play aggressively against the best in the world!

    edit: RE poster, puzzle: Re3 Be6 threatens Rc8 AFAIK

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    what about Re3 with the idea of playing Ra3?

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    You are probably referring to 1.Bd6 Rd8, 2.Bb8.

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    a4 Ba6 with the idea of Bb5?

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    NM Bab3s

    a4 Rf7 (else a5) Bd8 Be6 c7 is unusual, and it looks pretty good for White.

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