Firouzja took a revenge for Stellwagen

Firouzja took a revenge for Stellwagen

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A second day all chess news is about Firouzja's record! He is only 18 years and already has 2800! It is amazing!

In this post, I am not going to look at the future but at the past. 

In 2009 the national team of Azerbaijan became (for the first time in its history) the European Champion! Vugar Gashimov became the national hero by winning the final round game against Daniel Stellwagen (from the Nederlands). There was the rook endgame 2 vs 1. It was initially drawn but one mistake was enough to change the final standings.

Yesterday Shakhriyar Mamedyarov had to defend the analogic endgame against Alireza. A draw could give his team a silver. A win for Firouzja meant not less – 2800 and second place in the rating list. Again the endgame had been initially drawn and again the strongest side has managed to get the win. For me this story looks symbolic, that's why you read this post now.

First, let's recall what happened 12 years ago.

Now let's see what happened yesterday.

In the analysis of the latest game, I have recalled the Zelcic-Kunin game. Let's see how the draw has been achieved there.

To make you a bit more skillful in the rook endgame I offer you to solve a few exercises taken from the analysis of these games.

I hope this post helped you to become at least a bit more skillful in the rook endgames.