Interesting bishop endgame

Interesting bishop endgame

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Being a coach for almost 10 years, I have collected a lot of interesting materials on my computer sorted to different folders. Recently, I decided, that it is time to start sharing all this. To start I picked up the game played in the Russian Club Championship of 2008.
If you have never seen it, you should take a cup of tea and enjoy the energy of ... 77-years old Maestro! I was lucky to see how Viktor Kortschnoj played this game – that was one of the most astonishing things I have ever met in chess. There was a fight of youth and ... fanaticism! Kortschnoj literally lived by this game, half-rised on his chair, strongly hit the clock, missed some moves to write down them on his scoresheet but all around including arbiters were so much impressed by him that no one paid attention to some unethical in his attitude! That was a sign of truly lover of our game and I hope that a slow reviewing of this game will disclose to you what I mean.
You will find the whole game at the end of this post, but I would like to focus your attention on the bishop endgame.
How Black should play in this position?
Now it is time for another exercise! How Black wins after 68.e6 fxe6 69.g6 ?
Let's continue watching the game:
White has a choice of two seemingly equal continuations: 80.Bb7 and 80.Kd3. Which one would you choose?
I hope, you enjoyed working through this game and at least a bit improved your endgame skills. 
Best wishes, GM Valeriy Aveskulov