Interesting bishops endgames: never give up!

Interesting bishops endgames: never give up!

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In the history of chess there were many cases, when resignation was premature. Kramnik-Svidler, Wijk-aan-Zee, 2004; Aronian-Bacrot, FIDE World Cup, 2005 are probably the most famous examples. In both of them the resigning side missed some defending resourse in the opposite colored bishop endgame. The example, that I want to share with you today, is about the same-colored bishop endgames and it happened more than 100 years ago (more exactly - 101). 


Before seeing the answer, try to find the save for Black yourself.

The last move was 83.Kc4-d5, and Dawid Janowski could not found the defense and resigned. White's plan is Be5, b4-b5, Bd6, Kc6 and then Bc5 or Bc7 guaranteeing b5-b6 and promoting the pawn.

To prevent this Black had to throw own king behind White pieces. This paradox decision is typical for same-colored bishops, but back in 1916 even top players did not know about this idea.

So, let's see how it works!

If you have managed to find the initial idea connected with Kf5-f4 maneuver, try to defend in this position.

Have you got it?

Let's see the solution.




I guess, after seeing this example you will easily find the correct solution in the next position from the Fressinet,L-Smeets,J game.