Key mistakes in my games (part 2)

Key mistakes in my games (part 2)

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Dear chess friends!

I continue to publish the most crucial moments from my recent games. This time you will see an extremely interesting and instructive knight endgame + one middlegame position to solve. Let's begin.

How White should play in this position? 

My opponent didn't play this. Here is the continuation of the game.

If you read my previous post, you might easily find the solution.

Unfortunately, I made the wrong choice. Let's check your solution.

Now it was my opponent's turn to make the mistake.

I made one more mistake in the endgame by playing 40...Ng6. What did you consider the best?

Luckily, my opponent couldn't find a draw. I hope you were more successful. 

The stalemate idea is often the last saving chance for the defending player. Sometimes, even the strong players forget about it. As an example, I can recall the resignation by Sam Shankland in the drawn position (you can read about this case here), where he forgot about a theoretical stalemate idea.

Let me offer you another fantastic example.

Find Solodovnichenko's idea.

It is my favorite stalemate from the real game. I have never seen anything similar. White gave up almost half of his pieces to stalemate the king. 
I hope you liked this post. To be continued.