My nice...loses (lose no.2)

My nice...loses (lose no.2)

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Let me present another quick loss, in which I demonstrated a lack of a sense of danger. The 2006 Ukrainian championship U-20 was extremely strong. We had 3 2500+ players (Kryvoruchko, Oleksienko and me); Volodymyr Onischuk, Martyn Kravtsiv, Yuri and Andrey Vovks (today all of them have 2600+ ratings). Being one of the ELO-favourites I collapsed with a score +5-5=1 (one draw with a Champion Kryvoruchko, 5 losses to those who finished in the upper part and 5 wins against lower placed players; -unique consistency!).
Today you will see my quickest loss from this tournament. As in my first example, I could not recognize a danger in time.

Test yourself and find the winning combination!

Definitely, defence has not been my best side in chess!
Soon I will show you one more example from this event. 
I hope, my mistakes and their explanation will help you to be a better defender!