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My nice...loses (lose no.3)

My nice...loses (lose no.3)

Jul 2, 2017, 8:14 AM 5

Hello, chess friends! Again I am going to present you the game, in which I was crushed very quickly. The main target is to show you the reasons why such failures can happen; so you will be able to avoid the same mistakes in your own games. Today's game has been played in the Ukrainian Championship U-20, that I have already told about in my previous post. This time I lose to Martyn Kravtsiv, who recently finished in TOP-10 on the European Championship in Minsk.

Now I offer you to crush Black's position.

So, it was enough to miss one opponent's opportunity (19.e4-e5) to lose under massive tactical blows. We should always browse all possibilities (both own and opponent's) do not miss something important. Take care!

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