My nice...loses (lose no.1)

My nice...loses (lose no.1)

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Dear chess friends:
Most of us are used to recollecting our own combinations, especially the ones demonstrate our unique tactical vision. But how often do you recollect your losses? I decided to break down this wall and to share with you a few of my losses. Here the first one. 2004, Kharkiv, open tournament. My opponent was an unknown player when I was already an IM.

So, here the critical position is. Find the win!

Though, the combination was not hard, but being on the defending side, I could not foresee it.

Summary: never forget about own king. If I were attentive, I would castle on move 10 or 11. After 12.fxe5 my opponent masterfully was creating threats and gave me no time for 0-0 (though, I had a chance to make 0-0-0, but I even did not look at that side). My play became more difficult and finally I failed. In the next post I will show you another example of my unattentive play.