Shirov's brilliant move

Shirov's brilliant move

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What do you appreciate more of all in chess? There are many good points about our beloved game, but today I would say that I enjoy more of all the ideas - spectacular, unbelievable, extraordinary... Once you see something like this, you never forget it! The Topalov-Shirov endgame is one of such examples. Many of you, definitely saw it, then just refresh it in your mind; those, who have never seen the position on the next diagram, try to find the best Black's move yourself. Spend evening, two or even more, but find it! 

I hope, you have managed to calculate all required lines. Let me share a brief analysis of the final part of this game.
NB! Time can cost expensive in chess; all you need is to feel, that you really require this time and to be ready to pay for it! Shirov felt it and presented us an excellent example on this theme.