Maryland HS Championships 2015

Mar 30, 2015, 4:35 PM |

This chronicles my games at the 2015 Maryland Scholastic High School Championships (needs more consecutive capital letters). This tournament didn't really stand out that much, to be honest. A bunch of people chose not to come (Davydov, Nathan Janus, etc.) and overall it sort of lacked the oomph of the previous state championships. I'm attributing this change to the change in venue - why not Dumbarton? It's been held at Dumbarton for as long as I can remember. Besides, Roland Park's in the same county, it's not like they had to move it because of something like Baltimore County increasing reservation fees or something. I just feel like that the move was a bad one - Dumbarton holds history, everyone knows where everything is, it's the same halls most of us have walked that one weekend in March since sixth grade. 

But I digress, I'm getting off topic. However I don't think that most people who've been going to these for a while will disagree with me. The tournament itself was mediocre. I scored the same as last year, 3/5, however this year was against much weaker competition. My rating dropped from 1720 to 1707. Without more ado, my games:

I didn't pay much attention to the game, expecting it to be a steamroll. Not necessarily because of his rating, but that he was the younger brother of my friend Alex, who I've known since around fourth grade, and thus knew me and that I know how to play chess (although that is debatable). I was thinking that the psychological factor would assist in doing him in, and I was proved correct. 

Of course, this win would be followed by an equally embarrassing loss. 

If I noticed a trend here, it's that my opening is terrible, especially against higher-rated players. I hate to generalize like that, but I think it's true, such as my game against Sean Senft at the UMBC Open. 

So now I was 1/2, and desperately seeking another win...

To be honest, that was probably my best game of the tournament. I thought it was a fairly nice attack myself :'). One interesting thing that I noted was that black had won all of my games today. 

The second day would actually be fairly dull, I drew both my games. Should've won the first but probably not the second. 

There you folks have it. Round 3 was definitely the highlight, other than that, I didn't play particularly well. I ended up tied for 8th and 11th on tiebreaks (of course!). Hope y'all enjoyed these.