Mar 12, 2015, 7:03 PM |

For some reason, I didn't play in U1800. Entry was free anyways, I guess. But I digress. I didn't play that well, for the most part, so you've been warned.

My round 1 guy didn't show up, I was disappoint.

Round 2:

Sorry for the lack of analysis. Probably was a mistake allowing that pawn sacrifice near the end, but whatever. It's kinda sad that this game was probably my best played of the tournament.

Round 3:

Could I have won by taking on e4 and turtling on g2 or something? Probably. Did I have a winning material advantage? Probably. I guess these things are harder to find over the board at 11:30 PM than at 3:30, sipping some grape juice and listening to music. Still though.