Graphics collective tragedy! "Rome 2" full-line graphics test

Nov 7, 2013, 11:03 PM |

PC exclusive game masterpiece " Rome 2 : Total War " on September 3 with the majority of players to meet, powerful graphics processing for the PC to make a powerful effect allows graphics card sold in a collective tragedy ! Powerful GeForce GTX Titan in the game only ran 30 or so results, next-generation graphics killer was born ? !
You can see a lot of games of the current console platforms are based on the development, even if the game ported to the PC side , it can not play the PC side powerful graphics processing performance , after all, desktop-class graphics performance is far better than the console platforms . September 3, 2013 , The Creative Assembly announced that " Rome 2 : Total War " game official debut , the game is a PC exclusive strategy board game , take advantage of the performance of the PC is one of the highlights of the game .
Many foreign media ahead of the game has been tested and found Niu X Donghonghong GeForce GTX Titan / Radeon HD 7990 lenovo dc280003i00 cpu fan have been defeated in the game , this card can only reach the top 30 or so basic fluency levels , this " Rome 2 : Total War " has been canonized as a new generation of graphics killer !
In addition to the graphics performance is extremely pressing, delicate personal story, fascinating epic sense of the historical background of strong support for the game has become a lot of highlights. Then this can lead the players into Roman experience authentic masterpiece of political struggle intrigue brought us exactly what ?Today I will be on the game for detailed hardware test to see full range of graphics in the game of performance. Of course, the content of which , ultimately, the experience of the game , let's flash back to the Middle Ages, to become a Roman Archbishop of it.