French defence - a game of interest for theory

Apr 30, 2008, 12:26 AM |

I like to play french defence (1. e4 e6) as a black. It is popular, and I play it sometimes also as a white. I played against purpleknight and I win the next game. I invented news in 13th move, followed an original plan: b2-b4 and Nxd5. Professional chess player would save it for him/herself, for nxt games, but I am going to share it with u, for I am only an amateur and I like to show how clever I am! Tongue out I will be thankful for all comments! I didn't give u all variations. If u think I miss something, we can try it in a game!



Later I find that at the end of the variation after Qg4 black can play 0-0. White need to play Qd6 after black Rc7 and win.