I become a poet too!

I become a poet too!


(A picture is from this blog.) People started to write Limericks about cheater_1 (I mentioned him in my last two week reports; see a vote game: Self-Proclaimed Best Computer Player? and a series of topics started by him in Forum, General Chess Discusion). I like this guy - he is a master of post-modern virtual performative art! Cool And an inspiration iluminated my minds, and I wrote Limericks also - not one, but two! Eh, in english, imagine... Foot in mouth

I submited them here,

to save for history under my name! 



The was a guy named cheater_1

who made for us so much fun

He tried to win with making draw

Webgogs said "No way, bro'!"

and a truth come to Sun.



When W. Steinitz was old and odd

He try to play chess with God

God was polite and didn't tell him

She can laugh and always win

For only cheaters deserve a rod!


And if somebody say it's not a good... whatsitsname... Lunarick, I need to say: YOU ARE ALL MORONS, for I use three paralel super computers with 3,72 ZILIONS of combinations of english words and I let them work TWO HOURS for every verse! I am undoubtly THE BEST COMPUTER POET in all times, today and for eternity!!! LaughingCoolYellMoney mouthTongue outKissLaughing