It isn't exciting to win agaist weeker players

May 11, 2008, 4:11 AM |

I see some people, with not so high rating, has an excelent score, without or very few defeats. They play a lot of games agaist people with much smaller rating. However, I don't think it's interesting to reproduce wins agaist much weekers. It's as a boxer of heavy category enjoy beating much smaller. I like to test myself agaist my equall or better - it means, players with at least 1800 rating points.

At the moment, I play 17 games (8 in a tournament). Average rating of my oponents is 1952. And there are thought batles - no more easy wins! Two days ago I achieved my first win agaist a player with rtg beter thet mine, LydiaBlonde vs mydarlingron   I published this game in forum: Don't play a Steintz's variation!

 It become exhausting. I spent to much time for chess in last two weeks. I need to reduce a number of games. I lost the game vs vamcan becouse I moved without rethinking: 22.... Qb6? lost, Qb7 was necesary to hold a position and it is probably a draw. The worst is that I known it - I analysed it two moves earlier.  At the moment, I forgot it. Frown This is why I lost many times in table chess - absent-minded. Stupid me! Yell