My first week here

May 3, 2008, 2:19 AM |

I started to on-line game here last suterday. I started with enormous energy the last weekend, playing all day, and a litlle less during the week. At a result, I have 32 games concluded, and 14 in progress. I am going to play less in future!

 I wass prety succesfull:  +28 -3 =1. I finished my first game with a mate in 8 moves for 30 minutes! Smile My rating is 1925, rank #672. Yesterday I started a game against RusudanGoletiani, WGM, rating 2335.

 I posted two my games here. The first one is of interest for masters, second for beginers:

 French defence - a game of interest for theory

 Never hear for Legal's mate? :)

 I wii all some interesting possitions from my games.

 LydiaBlonde vs ggbaktha