My second week

May 10, 2008, 7:57 AM |

Last saturday, I post about my first week in online chess.  After 32 concluded games, my rating was 1925 and rank 672. My oponents become stronger, and I reduced a number of games in progress. Still, I was very succesfull: 10 concluded games in last 7 days, average rating of my oponents 1870, result +6-1=3, my rating is now 1981 and rank 502. Beter then I expected- my first goal was to be among the top 1000. My goal is now more then 2000 points, and then - 2100. I also started my first tournament, for rtg 1800-2000

I am aware it will be much harder - I am still an amateur and I am near to my limit! I am much better in on-line chess then in board game, for I have no good memory and concentration. I am eager now to see how good I can be!

 I played on-line before on other sites, few years ago, but now I play much more serious. I have more time now. I had no a permanent internet conection at that time, now I consulted on-line opening databases all the time, during the game and independent for nxt games, as a preparation. I use the most, looking at the statistics, analysing main variations and other less usual, and I search improvements.  I don't use a programe for analysis.

In nxt days, I am going to post some of my games and positions with comments. 

I published some games in forum here:

 Spain: don't play a Steinitz's variation!

French, advance variation - news for white 13-16th move